EVON Energies Expands into MEASA Region, Powering the Future of E-Mobility 

Harnessing Growth and Innovation in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa 

EVON Energies, a leading force in the electric mobility sector, is happy to announce the establishment of its MEASA branch. 

Expanding into New Horizons 

Headquartered in Switzerland, this strategic move is ready to unlock the vast potential of the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa regions. As electric cars gain rapid growth, EVON Energies is aimed to meet the surging demand for EV chargers across diverse urban landscapes. 

A Commitment to Sustainable Transportation 

This expansion is driven by our dedication to shape the future of sustainable transportation. As forecasts predict a record rise in electric vehicle adoption, the need for efficient charging infrastructure becomes vital. EVON Energies is ready to face this challenge and make a lasting impact on the e-mobility ecosystem. 

Tailoring Solutions to MEASA 

What sets EVONs MEASA subsidiary apart is the company’s adaptation strategy. We understand the unique competitive landscape and diverse customer needs within the MEASA region. To address these nuances, company created a specific market development team empowered with ability to craft tailored solutions that resonate with the MEASA market. 

Expert Guidance and Support 

To assure top notch level of integration and market entry EVON partners with highly reputable legal advisors, Cleary and Gottlieb, based in Abu Dhabi. This partnership lends credibility and expertise to navigate regional regulatory landscapes. Furthermore, with the support of JTC Group for corporate matters, we fortify the foundation of our expansion. 

Securing Regional Investment 

In a remarkable achievement, EVON Energies has secured successful fundraising through a strategic partnership in the UAE. This achievement highlights the attractiveness and viability of our venture to regional investors. 

A Vision for the Future 

As we move forward, we envision a future where clean transportation seamlessly integrates into the fabric of the MEASA region, empowered by EVON Energies’ innovative EV charging solutions. 






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