EVON Energies Partners with Dhoot Transmission: Revolutionizing EV Charging Solutions 

Uniting for Quality and Expansion in South East Asia and India 

EVON Energies, a leading start-up in EV charging solutions, is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Dhoot Transmission, a distinguished manufacturer of wiring harnesses, cables, and automotive components. This strategic collaboration is set to reshape the EV charging landscape, strengthening EVON’s commitment to providing high-quality products and expanding its market presence to South East Asia and India. 

Driving Innovation with Dhoot Transmission 

Dhoot Transmission, with a remarkable track record in manufacturing automotive components for industry giants like CAT, Suzuki, Honda, and Yamaha, is a honored name in the industry. Their expertise in producing top-notch materials greatly aligns with EVON Energies’ mission to deliver the best EV charging solutions to consumers worldwide. 

A Synergistic Partnership 

The partnership between EVON Energies and Dhoot Transmission marks a serious step forward in the pursuit of excellence in EV charging solutions. Under an exclusivity agreement, Dhoot Transmission will become a key supplier for EVON, providing high-quality materials and components essential for the production of AC chargers. 

The shared goals and objectives are clear: to jointly develop AC chargers of the highest quality and fasten initiation of manufacturing, with deliveries planned for the upcoming year. Presales are set to open later this year, marking an exciting milestone in this collaboration. 

Expanding Horizons: India and South East Asia 

This partnership goes beyond business transactions; it opens doors to colossal markets in India and South East Asian countries. Dhoot Transmission’s extensive network, presence, and established manufacturing units in these regions perfectly complement EVON Energies’ growth strategy. Both companies stand to benefit from this significat relationship as they venture into these markets. 

Accelerating Growth and Impact 

EVON Energies anticipates accelerated growth and aggravated market reach as a direct result of this partnership. By leveraging Dhoot Transmission’s extensive presence and network, EVON can establish a solid base in these new markets, providing its innovative charging solutions to a broader audience. 

Raising Industry Standards 

This collaboration also holds potential positive effects for the EV charging industry and the community at large. The commitment to higher quality standards in EV chargers will elevate the industry, setting a new benchmark for excellence. Additionally, the partnership aims to address existing challenges in the EV charging market, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience for consumers. 

As EVON Energies and Dhoot Transmission embark on this journey together, they not only enhance their own market positions but also contribute to the broader goal of advancing sustainable transportation solutions. With innovation, quality, and expansion as their guiding principles, this partnership heralds a promising future for the EV charging industry.