Alexandre Obez – Chief Executive Officer

Leading Sustainable Transformation: Alexandre’s Journey from Logistics to Managing Director at EVON Energies

Alexandre Obez, the current CEO at EVON Energies, began his journey with the company as the Head of Logistics, overseeing the intricate web of logistical infrastructure from headquarters to supply chains. His proactive approach as a logistics professional reflects a deep passion for sustainable practices, aiming to redefine the industry’s future in alignment with environmental responsibility.

Prior to joining EVON Energies, Alexandre gained valuable experience at as a Logistics Employee, demonstrating his hands-on expertise in managing delivery operations at the Swiss Post.

Recognizing Alexandre’s unwavering commitment and proficiency in logistics, EVON Energies rightfully promoted him to the pivotal role of Chief Executive Officer. In this capacity, he shoulders the responsibility of overseeing day-to-day operations and ensuring the effective execution of business strategies. Alexandre’s leadership is characterized by distinguished prowess in managing internal processes, effective communication, and a holistic approach that integrates EVON Energies with sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

Moreover, Alexandre’s journey from logistics to the CEO position is a testament to his dedication to operational efficiency and a broader commitment to sustainability. His multifaceted experience and strategic vision continue to steer EVON Energies towards a future, where environmental responsibility is seamlessly woven into every aspect of the company’s operations.

To sum, his dedication extends beyond operational efficiency to encompass a holistic approach that aligns EVON Energies with sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. 

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