Nicolas Dejussel – Head of Logistics

Nicolas Dejussel, in his role as the Head of Logistics at EVON Energies, oversees the intricate supply chain management that extends from the company’s headquarters to the warehouse in Rennaz. With an extensive background in logistics, including experience in the establishment of storage and assembly facilities, Nicolas plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless integration of supply chain operations.

The warehouse in Rennaz stands as a crucial node in EVON Energies’ logistical network, acting as a strategic hub for the storage, distribution, and management of products. Nicolas’s expertise lies in optimizing these supply chain processes, ensuring the efficient flow of goods and materials from manufacturers to the end-users.

His responsibilities encompass not only the physical aspects of the warehouse but also the coordination of transportation, inventory management, and the implementation of advanced technologies to enhance overall supply chain efficiency. Nicolas places a strong emphasis on real-time visibility and control over the supply chain to guarantee a swift and accurate delivery of products to customers.

Furthermore, Nicolas Dejussel, driven by a passion for sustainable logistics, incorporates environmentally conscious practices into EVON Energies’ supply chain management. He envisions the Rennaz warehouse as not just a storage facility but a key player in the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly initiatives throughout the entire supply chain.

In summary, Nicolas Dejussel’s leadership as the Head of Logistics at EVON Energies extends beyond the confines of the headquarters, encompassing the meticulous management of the supply chain with a special focus on the warehouse in Rennaz. His strategic vision ensures that EVON Energies operates with efficiency, sustainability, and a commitment to environmentally responsible logistics.

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