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Every great project begins with a single thought, and ours was immediately focused on making electric mobility infrastructure accessible to all by actively participating in the energy transition. From the very start, our greatest resource has been and continues to be our determination, capable of making us take the first steps and providing answers to one of the greatest challenges for future generations.


The growth of EVON was evident and supported by an initial investment of 200,000 CHF, fueling the first market feasibility studies, and providing a real boost to business and commercial development.


Our identity is our products. Since January 2023, the initial design of EVON products transforms what was once a visionary idea into the visual representation of our efforts, all thanks to a blend of young and experienced engineers, designers, and graphics experts.


This is where what was once on paper becomes a tangible product. This moment marks a profound shift for the company, rapidly overcoming feasibility obstacles in just a few months to physically test the components and technological development of the charging station.


Meanwhile, the company’s significant efforts and potential are noticed abroad as well. An additional investment of 1 million CHF allows EVON to position itself rapidly among the world of young tech startups in the electric mobility sector.


These investments align with an exponential team growth, expanding from 7 to +20 employees in just 2 months, prompting the need for larger workspaces. The first EVON headquarters became the crossroads where bright minds gathered to shape the future of EV solutions, determined to lead the world down the road of electrification.


Business development also translates into substantial media and market attention. Through various conferences nationally and overseas, EVON representatives turned this still-young project into a hub of interest for many investors and partners. That’s where initial negotiations and discussions for further investment marked the definitive ascent of the project.


By the end of its first year’s Q2, EVON raises an additional 6 million CHF to chart a long-term path to success. Organizational efficiency remains at the core of the expense strategy, with stakeholder interest being the primary goal within the company’s tenets.


Thanks to this dedication and precision, strategically, within just 7 months, EVON opens two additional branches in the UAE and India, effectively covering the entire MEASA market. The remarkable company momentum establishes it as one of the fastest-growing projects in the electric mobility sector, potentially pioneering green transition for years to come.


A month later, the development of +700 charging points, along with diversification into 3 products, positions EVON to target every type of customer, from the public to corporate sectors, and direct sales. The market acquisition is projected for 2024, with revenue estimates of around 120 million for that first year of activity.






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