Our Mission & Vision

EVON Energies Pioneering the Future of Sustainable Mobility

Embracing the Future of 

Sustainable Mobility

Embracing the future with a commitment to sustainable progress, our mission at EVON is clear: to empower a fully electrified mobility landscape. We envision a world where the hum of electric vehicles resonates in harmony with the environment, and our charging solutions stand as the catalyst for this transformative journey. Together, we’re not just building EV chargers; we’re weaving the fabric of a future where mobility is electrified, efficient, and eco-friendly—a future we are proud to shape.



Finding pleasure and purpose in doing the work in pursuit of the goal.


Working with unwavering commitment to delivering the very best.


Steadfast commitment to delivering excellence through streamlined processes.


Creating enduring solutions that meet present needs without compromising the future.

Evolution from Charger Manufacturer to Integrated Electric Solutions Provider

In response to the dynamic landscape of the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry and a deep analysis of the evolving demands, EVON, initially known as a premier EV charger manufacturer, made a strategic pivot to become a comprehensive electric solution provider. Recognizing that the future of sustainable mobility required a holistic approach, we understood that merely supplying charging stations was not enough. Our commitment to driving a greener future led us to the realization that a transition to electric mobility demands a seamlessly integrated solution. This strategic shift positions us as more than just a manufacturer; we now offer an end-to-end suite of services. From cutting-edge charging infrastructure to advanced energy management systems, and from grid integration solutions to user-friendly mobile applications, we are poised to provide the complete ecosystem necessary for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. By addressing the real needs of the industry, we stand at the forefront of the movement towards a more sustainable and interconnected future.

Powers Up Local Communities

At EVON SA, we believe in not only advancing sustainable mobility but also in actively contributing to the vibrant fabric of our local communities. As part of our commitment to fostering positive change, we are proud to announce our engagement in community enrichment by sponsoring local sports clubs. Recognizing the pivotal role sports play in uniting communities and fostering teamwork, EVON SA is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of athletic talent in our neighborhoods. Through this initiative, we aim to strengthen the bonds that tie us together, driving social cohesion while simultaneously championing the values of dedication, teamwork, and perseverance. Join us in building a brighter future, where sustainable mobility and community spirit go hand in hand

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